Bookmarklet "Meme Clip"

Although all web-browsers have "Bookmarks" or "Favorites", the list should soon be full of discriminable bookmarks.
And it becomes hard to sort or arrange the bookmark graveyard.
It's time to use MemeClip to make your bookmarks alive and shared with others.

= Setting Up Meme Clip =

Just add the Link "MemeClip" below to your Favorites list or Favorite Toolbar.

[Meme Clip]

Right-click on the "Meme Clip" above and select "Add to My Favotites..." on the Context Menu.
(Please ignore the security warning.)

Just Drag the "Meme Clip" link above and Drop it on your Bookmark list or Bookmark Toolbar.

= How to use Meme Clip =

1. Log in to memememo.
(If not logged in, ID/Password should be required to add memo cards.)

2. Open the web page to be bookmarked.
If you find a web page to be bookmarked, please make the text rage selected.

3. Click [Meme Clip] on your Favorites.
Meme Clip Window should be opened over the webpage.
Edit the memo if needed.

4. Click the "Add Card to Inbox" button.
That's all! Please check your Inbox tray of memememo.

Usually the bookmark memo is made as a text-memo card.
But the card type should be automatically changed distinguished by the contents (URL) of the page.
(i.e. A page of YouTube should be bookmarked as a Movie Card.)
Please have a try.